Drop Off Dinners

Arriving in Keswick after hours on the road, a hard day at the Office, a full day on the fells and can’t be bothered to cook, or, simply spent the day in the park with the Kids making memories? Whatever the reason for you not having time to cook Dinner, let us provide you with our  home cooked tasty solutions: You order, we cook, we deliver, you enjoy: 


Nana Bettys Hot Pot (GF) - each tray giving 6 portions 

My Nana (Betty Peel) was a fabulous cook and this is her version of what has got to be a Cumbrian classic: Lakeland lamb, black pudding, onions, carrots, tatties “an a laal bit a nowse frae Nana” (A little bit of knowledge from your Grandmother) Prepared from the best of our natural larder, cooked very slowly to produce a real taste of Cumbria.


Sausage ‘n’ Mash (GF)– each tray giving 6 portions

Handmade traditional Cumberland sausage whirl from our fabulous local butcher, Tony, served with creamy mashed potatoes with buttered leeks and a sweet cider and caramelized onion gravy

Fish Pie (GF) – each tray giving 6 Portions 

We source all our Fish from a small family business who use “friendly fishing methods” and are members of “the responsible fishing scheme” Mark sails his boat “The Rachel Claire” from the port of Whitehaven to bring us the freshest fish available, we are proud of our Fish Pie, which is a meal in itself.

Lakeland Steak & Ale Pie – each tray giving 6 portion

None of this puff pastry lid carry on ! Our Steak Pie is a proppa pie, like a house ! in that it has a floor, four walls and a roof, and each pie for 6 people will have 6 individual 8oz Steaks encased in it, so you all get a steak each, we cook this very slowly to give it a melt in your mouth texture in a rich Keswick Ale & onion gravy. 

Broth ‘n’ Bread – Each pot giving 6 portions (GF Bread available on request)

Our very own signature Cumbrian Ham Hock, Red Lentil & Leek Broth (GF) & a fresh home-baked Soda bread for dunking – A big’ol Bowl of it served piping hot, you just can’t beat it ! 

Rustic Bean Casserole (V/Vg/GF) - each tray giving 2 portions

A rustic tasty and wholesome mix of Celery, Onions, Garlic and a variety of Pulses and Herbs topped with a Nut Crema

Sticky Toffee Pudding & Pouring Cream- each tray giving 12 portions

Originally invented here in Cumbria, by the late Francis Coulson of The esteemed Sharrow Bay Hotel, there are many a version of this Cumbrian Classic, but after years of striving for perfection, I believe we are just about there!